Simplify Software
Hair Salon Software Pricing
While some companies offer you a hobbled version at a low price and then make you pay more for the features you really need we give everyone the full featured version of our application with all the bells and whistles you need to properly run your business. You get all the latest features and updates for one low cost. We base our pricing on the size of your business. As you continue to grow and add more staff and new locations we are able to grow with you.
1 user & 1 location
$5/mo each additional user
$10/mo for each additional location
Try For Free
Our price includes all features and all improvements and allows you to start small and grow. That way as you grow we grow. If you are wondering if you are going to have to file some sort of report or notice every time you add a new staff member or location, the answer is no you do not have to do anything. We have an algorithm that runs every month and calculates and notifies you of any changes. We try to make it easy and simple and our goal is to let you concentrate on building and growing your business while we provide you with all the tools you need to be successful.
Mulitple Languages
(English, Spanish, French, Vietnamese)
Supports Multiple Locations
Run Your Business from A Tablet or Phone
Take Photos
(Markup, Create Side-By-Side, Store with Notes)
Online Booking
Multiple Schedule Views
(Day By Staff, Day By Stations)
(Week by Staff Member, Week by Station, Week by Everything Booked)
Auto Generate and Email Invoices
Order Entry
Track Inventory
Instant Reports
Supports and Tracks Promotions
Supports and Tracks Sale Items
Supports and Tracks Rewards Programs
Automated Text Notifications
Automated Email Notifications
In App Texting
In App Phone Calling
Client Notes
Client Info Panel
Integration with Quickbook