Simplify Software
Hair Salon Features
Simplify Software is specifically designed to make life easier for everyone in your organization. We simplify and uncomplicate your business operation so you can concentrate on what you do best. Using the latest technology we allow you to run your entire business from your phone or tablet. While our Salon Software works great on desktops, you get the same proformance on mobile with the added convenience of always having access to your schedule, bookings, billing and reports.
Take Photos,
Compare Before’s and Afters
We let you take photos within the app where they are saved along with your client’s information. Record your masterpieces. Create side by side images that can be printed out or sent to your client. Markup and make notes right on the photos and much more. Show your customers what you have done for them. Keep a handy record of what you have accomplished.
Use the Language
of Your Choice
We realize that English is not the first language for everyone so why should you have to run your business with software that is in English? We let you quickly change the language of the application with a simple click of a button. Right now we have English, Spanish, Vietnamese and French with more coming.
Text or Phone Your Customers
with a Click of a Button
Sometimes you need to get in touch with your customers to send them a text message or talk to them directly by phone. We have text messaging and phone capabilities built right into the app. Open the booking info and click on a button and you can directly contact your client without switching to your phone and retyping or finding their number. A record of all communication is saved in the app for handy reference
Track Inventory,
Be Alerted when Getting Low
We keep track of your inventory and let you set the level that you should be notified at. When your inventory gets low, you will receive a text as well as an alert within the app. Never unexpectedly run out of product again. Can can place new orders from within the app with our built in ordering system
Accept payments
with Square Integration
We are integrated with Square, one of the leading payment processing services, making it easy to take credit card payments. When you sign up you are given a free account with Square and provided a free card reader to start taking payments
Easy accounting integration
with Quickbooks
Our records easily integrate with Quickbooks, the leading accounting software. While our software handles the majority of your financial activity needs, integration with Quickbooks provides you with a fully integrated accounting solution
1 Click Booking with
Auto-Fill and Easy Lookup
Our goal was to make it easy to create a new booking. Simply click on the scheduling calendar and a booking is generated with most of the information already filled in. Our look ahead components make it easy to add the rest of the information. A new booking can be made in under 30 seconds.
Type Ahead Smart Searches
Make Entering Data Fast and Easy
Need to find a client or lookup a service or product? Our intelligent type ahead search lets you enter a few letters of the name and instantly displays select options to choose from. This makes entering data fast and painless.
Quickly Generate Invoices
Auto Calculate Promotions and Specials
Quickly generate an invoice from a booking with all information automatically generated. Add additional products and services and we auto calculate the total, calculating sales tax and tips. Then take payments via credit card with our integration with Square.