by Catlin Chambers: 09/25/2020

Ours is a visual business. People come to us because they want to look better. They want others to think they look better. Photographing your customers can help your business in a number of ways. First it can help you show your customers how they look. We are always looking at ourselves from the inside and want to see ourselves the way others see us. Mirrors help but they can often give us only a limited perspective. We try and show people how they look from the back by holding up a small hand held mirror so they can get a small glimpse. This as we all know is never adequate. A picture taken from behind is a much more effective way for people to see how they look from that perspective.

Another advantage is looking at a befoe and after photo side by side. This can clearly show how much your work has improved their appearance. It can also help to maintain a record of what previously existed. What was that nail polish color, or what style did I used to have.How much have things changed. Can I look like that again?

Taking photos of your customers can be easily done with your phone but the problem is finding, sorting and remembering all these different photos and being able to retrive them when you might need them. Simplify software makes all of this easy. We provide direct access to your phone or tablet camera from right within our application. Simply access the camera option when in a customers booking session and all photos and notes are saved with the clients info within the application. To access at any point in the future you just access the customers info and look in the images section where you will see thumbnail images of all the pictures taken of that client.

Within the application you can add notes to the image. Build a side by side comparision of two images, markup the image and print or share the image or composite with the customer. No more searching for images through a vast array of other things. By have easy access to taking and retrieving images you are much more likely to include taking photos of your customers as part of their visit. They fact you offer this service can enhance your relationship with your client. The fact that you can seamlessly provide this service will make your business seem as if you are on the cutting edge of technology which can only help but enhance your reputation